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During these unique times, figuring out how to run your business, while staying sensitive to the environment and serve others can be challenging. Many business owners are concerned about the same issues.  

Rest assured you are not alone. Are you a pet sitter, looking for ways you can be of service? If the answer is yes, here are three suggestions. 

If you prefer video, watch it below as I share my recommendations.

First, you probably have seniors or individuals who are at a higher risk in your neighborhood. Many of them are anxious about going outside to take care of their basic needs. If they have pets they may be restricting themselves to walking to their front door to let their dog out to “do her business” but walking Fluffy is out of the question. How about contacting them and offering your services?

They may be on fixed incomes or spending more on supplies to protect themselves in this season. If you have a special rate or service offer for this season it may fill an immediate need. It’s not a requirement, just a suggestion. You know the communities you serve.

Some of them have adult children or grandchildren who can go to the grocery store or the pharmacy for them. There are others who may not only live alone, but be alone too. As long as you wear a mask for protection, how about offering to pick up a few items from the grocery store or a prescription from the pharmacy to help them?

Second, now that all of the children are being homeschooled, parents are also juggling those responsibilities along with what they normally handle. Do you think they are feeling a bit stressed, especially those who are now working virtually for the first time in their careers? Would walking their dogs would be helpful while they are running at-home classrooms? 

Third one is to share a funny video or more than one. It sure would be a welcome relief from watching the news. You have probably seen many funny memes of pets online or shoot videos of yours or family members’ pets. If they entertain you, I’m sure other people would get a chuckle or maybe a belly laugh from them.

Sometimes, serving others where they have a need isn’t as obvious, but can make a big difference.

I’ll bet you’re more creative than you think. Share some ideas or ways you’ve already helped people in your community since we’ve become homebodies.

Take care!