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Yesterday we talked about how you need a landing page, sometimes called a squeeze page, so people can sign up to get your free gift, which is also called a freebie.  When they sign up for your freebie, they are automatically added  to your mailing list.  That means when you send a message everyone on your mailing list will receive it. 

Landing Page and Email Marketing Work Together

Landing pages need technology behind the scenes to connect you and your client. That’s where email marketing comes in – every organization or vendor who sends you personal emails does it through email marketing. The applications powers your communicate with all of your clients at one time,  You can talk about what’s happening in your business, share a helpful tip and interact with them in ways that aren’t limited to transactions. 

One way to start the conversation is by sending a short follow up message, after the client has downloaded your PDF of tips. Then you can send emails occasionally to check in or share additional updates. Think of it as sharing value at NO CHARGE. Everybody likes FREE.

Communicating with your clients is a great way to build a relationship and loyalty that could end up paying dividends through future referrals.  .

Use Keywords on Your Pages


Use keywords on your landing page, blog posts and social media pages helps increase your SEO (search engine optimization), which is what drives more traffic to your website or landing page. 

If you don’t already have a website, you’re not quite ready for that step yet. Start with a landing page and progress to a website down the road. We’ll save the website discussion for another time.


MailChimp or Mailerlite


Yesterday, I mentioned both Mailerlite and MailChimp email marketing applications as options for sending your free gift to subscribers. Although I have used them both. I personally prefer Mailerlite  because  it feels more user-friendly than MailChimp to me. Find the one that works for you then Use It. If you decide to use Mailerlite, I’ve made a tutorial to help you create a landing page.


Grab access to it through this link

My Mailerlite tutorial walks you through the process step by step.  Not long ago, I struggled to build my first landing page. I’m not a techie and made lots of mistakes. That’s why I knew how much easier it would have been if I’d had a checklist or tutorial to guide me. I hope you find it helpful.


Let’s do a recap of some benefits you get by having a landing page. They include:

  • Giving you an online address to communicate with your clients
  • Building client relationships and loyalty
  • Increase in your SEO (search engine optimization) results


I’m looking forward to sharing with you again tomorrow. If you have questions before then, send me a note