Expert Eye!

I have worked with Pam by having her read some articles and newsletters that I have written.  I needed an expert eye to take a look and give an opinion on better ways to write my articles.  I was so excited to send out my first news letter that I didn’t wait for her opinion.  An hour later I received her results.  I was shocked to see so many things that needed to be fixed.  She did this in a way that was helpful and eye opening.
Thanks Pam for your support and help to better what I do.


Angie Rose, Angie Rose Health Coaching

Her Professionalism Is Like No Other!

Pamela was very instrumental in helping me to revise my website content.  Pamela revised my website content in a way that made the words just flow so smoothly, and that was exactly what I wanted.  I was amazed and how different the sound and feel of my website just by her help.  She is a pleasure to work with and her professionalism is like no other. 
I highly recommend Pam as a Virtual Assistant to anyone looking for superior service.


Brigette Carrington – BMC Solutions

Pamela’s work did it!

Pamela with Admin Sidekick and I crossed paths right in the nick of time.  Within two days of connecting with her, I was giving a presentation and needed a handout reviewed for content and proofed.  She was up for the task and in less than 24 hours had it completed.  I’ve used VA’s before, and unfortunately not always does their reviewing of content align with what I’m trying to convey. 
Pamela’s work did!   
You will definitely appreciate her professionalism and detail to her craft.


Robin Besotes – The Doctor’s Rx 


I took her advice!

“I was just starting out as a copywriter and combing the Internet for opportunities. My sweet friend, Pamela, had given me tips on how to search online for jobs. I took her advice and I landed on Be Vibrant Business Services website. Fortunately, they had vacancies. I applied, mentioning that I was a copywriter and two days later, I got a reply.The business owner asked if I had a testimonial.
In my typical naive newbie fashion, I said, sorry, no testimonials, convinced that was the end of the road.
She took a chance on me.”


Ngozika Olofin –

I wanted to give some praise!

“I wanted to give some praise and thanks. … I’ve never gotten to do anything like this. Life is so good when we get to enjoy doing something we like.
You have shown me my true passions, strengths and cheered me on. This isn’t a huge accomplishment in the big picture.  But to me it is monumental.”


Rebecca England, Business Coordinator –

Thorough and Delivers!

“I’ve known Pamela for a number of years now.  She is thorough and let me tell you, she knows her stuff!  She is my go-to for anything that needs proofreading or if I need help with grammar.”

Jen Shea, Coach & Mentor –