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Lately, almost everything we hear makes references to social distancing, wearing masks, other tools we need to use to keep us and our families safe. As a pet sitter, your business has probably been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

You’re a pet sitter who’s used to interacting with your clients regularly. So this virus and social distancing restrictions have probably felt like you quit regular client communication “cold turkey”, especially with your ongoing clients. 


Wave to Your Clients in Writing


Are your clients on a mailing list? If so, why not take this opportunity to reach out to them?  People using online tools for virtual communication with family and friends to stay connected. So you can use these same resources as well as emails to touch base with your clients. Shrink the social distance by increasing your client communication.


You don’t have to write a long message to your clients or drive yourself to send one every day.  Can you imagine their surprise when they receive a message from you saying hello, telling them you miss spending time with their pet, expressing your hope that they’re doing well, and that you’ll see them soon? 

Cat standing with front paws reaching over gate

See you soon?

As a treat how about adding something to your email to make them smile and reminding them you’re in this together, even though you’re all in various stages of quarantine/lockdown.” Think of this as a quick wave to your clients. Sometimes “actions speak louder than words” and your effort will reap generous rewards both now and down the road.

Use your own style of writing. Attach a picture that you’ve taken of your own pets, a meme, or video you found online to the email you’ve prepared. There’s no need to limit your picture or video to pet subjects if you find something else that inspires you.

Maybe a pet parent with their pet video would be entertaining for your clients. Use this as an opportunity to show your clients and customers you appreciate and care about them through client communication that is not being driven by a financial gain.

Social distancing has affected your business but it doesn’t have to eliminate client communication. Use some of those brain cells to come up with some creative ideas to maintain the lines of communication with your client list. This is all about building a relationship with your clients.

Media Topic Suggestions

Dog Meme

A couple of days ago I saw a video of two people playing tennis from their apartment windows. The creativity that people have shown in this season of social distancing is amazing.

You never know what other people are dealing with or how a simple gesture of kindness or humor could be what they need at that precise moment.  Chances are, you’ll also get the added benefit of lifting your own spirit because you’ve done something to help another person (other people). 

Not sure where to look for images or videos with pets in them? Google University is an excellent place to do a search on funny animal videos, memes, GIFs, etc. A search on Google will give you several results, probably more choices than you truly want to go through to find only one or two images, videos, memes, etc.

Although your goal is to find something to share in your first installment to communicate with your clients, you will run into ideas for additional client communication through email or a social media post, which is more generalized. Create a swipe file of ideas you can go back to in the future. You don’t want to copy but allow these materials to inspire you in your content creation.


What Client List?


Do you like the idea of increasing client communication but don’t have your client list in an organized document yet? No problem. I created a Contact Client List Template and you can get free access if you click here.

Ready to send a note of encouragement to your clients and continue to build relationships?

Have fun!

I’d love to hear about your clients’ reactions. Come back and post in the comments.

Here’s the link to get your client contact list in order. Grab it here.