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Ready, Set, Not Perfect, Go

When I wrote my first blog post it was definitely not perfect. According to the checklists I’d seen and even shared with my readers I missed checking several of the recommended boxes. Despite that fact, I took the plunge and published it even though I had no idea I was doing from a technical perspective. 

Based on the feedback people gave me, my tech missteps didn’t seem to make a difference. 

How often do we stop ourselves from taking action because we have decided that it’s not perfect? If you do something that makes a difference in somebody’s business or life, Nobody will care that it was not perfect. so I think Perfection is optional if you can still make a difference. 

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Now I’m not saying that I don’t grimace a little when I go back and look at my first blog posts. They spoke to the reader, were informative and some were even entertaining, but they didn’t have any images and I didn’t have a clue about SEO. In other words, it was not perfect but wasn’t awful either.

Here’s the link to prove my claim, if you’d like to read it. Definitely not perfect, but that wasn’t my goal. Otherwise, I’d still be waiting to start blogging.

Be Courageous and Do Something

Do you have some ideas you’ve considered using in your business? Maybe you were thinking of ways you could give to others, either financially, or with an encouraging word. Were you planning to create a social media post with an image but stopped yourself because you’ve never used the tool or talked yourself out of it since you knew it wouldn’t be perfect? Possibly you’ve sabotaged your kind intentions because you were sure you’d fall short or not good enough in your eyes.

Two for One Benefits

You never know who’ll come to your page and see your social media post, or banner.  Better yet, what if people go to your website, read something in your blog post that makes them smile, and also highlights how you can help them through the business services you offer?

Encouragement - You Can

When I clicked the button to start my first Facebook Live I was “shaking in my boots” because I’m not the person who ever raises my hand to be on camera, but it was part of a 30-day challenge. Since I committed to doing it, I took “one giant step” and did it anyway – despite the butterflies that were having a party in my tummy. What I learned through that process was I could build confidence from “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”. 

If I watch those broadcasts, I can come up with a list of criticisms about many of them, but I know the information I shared can/did/will help at least one person. 

don't try to reach everyone at the beginning

Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

Sometimes your one person is the right person for that day. If you adopt that attitude when you decide to try something new to make a positive difference, focus on helping one person, instead of minimizing the one you helped and not on the 50 who didn’t show up, comment, etc. Developing the habit of being consistent, even if you’re not perfect will eventually lead to a bigger audience. Even more important the positive impact that you make will increase too.

Your Turn to Share

Share in the comments the “one giant step” you’ve been hesitating about to impact people in a positive way. If you’re feeling brave, tell me when (yes a specific date) you’re going to do that one thing.

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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