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As pet parents, we want safe, reliable care for our babies, and it’s especially crucial when we can’t do it. Until three years ago, I depended on pet boarding facilities since I didn’t have a friend or family member who could help me. The idea of using pet sitters never crossed my mind even five years ago.

I Can Help Pet Sitters

When I had surgery a few years ago, I’d learned more about pet sitters and decided to try that option instead of going the traditional boarding route. I absolutely fell in love with the caregiver who helped me, temporarily adopted her as a daughter, and decided to have any of my cats in a cage for days if I needed to leave them was not a good option for me. 

Knowing my cat could receive one-on-one attention was a huge relief. Of course, the extra TLC was based on whether he decided to show his cute little face when she came to change the litter, replenish his food and water). Finding a way for him to stay home would be less traumatic for everyone concerned. So I was thrilled when I settled on this solution. This is where the idea of helping pet sitters began although I didn’t know it at the time.

Business Restart and New Niche

Once my health improved I could concentrate on rebranding and restarting my virtual assistant business. I wanted to feel fulfilled by the work I did and the client I served. When I relaunched my virtual assistant business, I was excited as I pondered about all the ways I can help pet sitters with business operations since you are usually a solopreneur, or working with a very small staff of contractors or employees. 

Encouragement - You Can

YOU are In Business Now

Getting to shower pets with love is probably the easiest part of your job/business. But when you started growing past just “helping a few friends”  on the side and people are calling about your services, you had a light bulb moment. Maybe you felt like you became a “business owner” all of a sudden.

The truth is you are officially a pet sitter, not only a person who occasionally watches your friends’ or family members’ pets but someone current or future clients contact about your services.

It’s sometimes a whirlwind of activity, as you move past finalizing your pet care insurance and all the other steps of the progress and get to the good part, caring for pets. Then you are thrust into balancing new customer inquiries, sending out new client packets, plus ALL the other daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. So actually taking care of those cute four-legged creatures can feel overwhelming, when you add the stuff you must keep up-to-date behind the scenes!

Most small (and large) business owners deal with these business operations challenges, as we progress from idea to reality and the continued growing pains we face as we expand our business services. Share Your News logo

Why I Created Share Your News

As I relaunched my virtual assistant business, I landed on the name and services of Share Your News because I wanted to help pet sitters relieve the ongoing pressure you face. You know, the kind that makes you think, “I only have 24 hours but I need 30 to (fill in the blank)”.

Let me ask these questions.

Need help creating processes in your business? Done

How about getting a website audit to be sure you have the processes or systems you need? Done

Maybe you have pretty good processes but your notes are in 15 different places. You need everything consolidated. The time you spend searching for your notes so you can do the task is a time suck. 

What if you could cut the wasted time in half or eliminate it completely? I’ve got you covered!

Have you been thinking about blogging to generate new traffic and business, I’m two steps ahead of you in that department too!

Plan Your Goals

What’s Next?

The only thing left to do is to schedule a discovery call with me. 

Either one of my products or services could be a good fit. 

If they are I’ll tell you but you can be just as confident if they’re not or we’re not, I’ll tell you THAT too!

Click here and let’s have a chat! If you have questions before scheduling an appointment or send me a note.