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Where To Begin

Sometimes pet parents need service providers who offer pet boarding services for our cats and dogs. It seems like a simple goal, but if you don’t already have a reliable provider in place finding a pet sitter or pet boarding facility can be a stressful process.

More than 20 years ago, I needed to go out of town to help a family member who was having surgery. Precious, my sweet kitty needed loving, attentive care during that period.

I scoured the yellow pages (still popular at the time) then called several locations before I made several trips out of state and around my area to visit them. As I drove my car that was on its last leg to Pennsylvania, I secretly wondered if I was being a bit fanatical about my search.

In case it’s not obvious, many pet owners see our pets as our babies, especially if we don’t have any of the human variety.

The pet lodging site I visited in Pennsylvania was impressive. It was a clean and comforting environment. Each cat had a personal glass-enclosed room and access to a common play area that was separate from the dogs.

As I was lulled into choosing that location, my mind shocked me back to reality. Driving a defective car to transport her to and from this site probably wasn’t a good idea. I was planning to rent a car for my trip to help my relative. So I decided to focus on boarding sites in my state and city instead.

Grey cat standing in front of greenery

Cat in a Field

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink

Local Cat Hospital and Boarding Site

When I made my first in-state visit I went to a location whose ad described them as being “in the country”. As I recall, it was a residential site that was on a dirt road, and the owner was cleaning when I arrived. She apologized for things being out of order when I told her why I’d stopped by. The cat cages were stacked but she’d moved them into the house while she cleaned.

The smell of bleach nearly overpowered me when I was still two to three feet from the doorway. Thankfully, I didn’t see any cats when I arrived.

During my short conversation with the facility’s owner, she didn’t say anything that made me to reconsider them as an option. The idea of keeping the cats in an outside shed didn’t appeal to me as a healthy environment for my girl, even while cleaning the area where the cats typically stayed.

I crossed that site off my list as an acceptable pet boarding service, which gave me a shorter list, but I still didn’t have any idea where I was going to board Precious while I was out of town.


White cat with wide eyes

Don’t Leave Me

Photo by Seven Song on Unsplash

Never Can Say Goodbye (just like the Jackson 5)

The clock was ticking and I was starting to get antsy about finding a place for Precious. Eventually visited a cat hospital I’d forgotten about during my original search and settled on them.

I paid extra for daily one-on-one attention and “play time” for her four-day stay, but she refused to look at me when I dropped her off and tried to say goodbye.

Mommy heartbreak…

But I’ll share more about that next time!

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* Our featured image was a Photo by Jason Blackeye