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The answer to that question is yes – you can service your clients and make money by joining an affiliate program with a company or website that services pet parents. 

Last week, I did a short Facebook Live about how joining an affiliate program or two could supplement your income since your pet sitting business is slower than normal, due to Covid-19.

Here it is if you missed it.


What’s An Affiliate?

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about what an affiliate or affiliate program is, so you are clear about it. Do you have a favorite hair product or food item? You’re so dedicated to that specific product, if the store is out of it you will drive across town to another store that has your  item in stock?

You’ve used it for years.


Spreading the Word


In fact, you’re so loyal to using it that even if someone paid you, you’d have to consider it thoroughly before going without it, even temporarily. If you knew someone who had the issue your favorite product solves, you’d make sure to tell them about it. 

Most likely it wouldn’t be short and sweet, such as just use this stuff as you’ll like it. No, you would go into detail about how it works, how loyal you are to it, how long you’ve used it, why you like it, etc.

That’s basically what an affiliate does with products they share, present, or recommend to others, and the company sends them a thank you fee. Think of an affiliate commission as a referral fee.


How To Get Started


The good news is you’ve actually been doing the work of an affiliate member for a long time; but not getting paid for it because you’re not yet part of an affiliate program officially. 


The types of products available to recommend to consumers run the gamut from office supplies, to weight loss programs, and also include pet supplies. 

You have choices for affiliate programs

Thousands of companies and websites have affiliate programs and their members spread the news about their products every day. When interested customers purchase them the company sends you a commission on their set payment schedule, which varies by company. The details about each company’s commission structure and payment schedule will be listed in their program description. 

Less well-known companies and websites have affiliate programs as well as the international companies that carry pet supplies, such as Amazon, Walmart etc. 

If you’re wondering what you can recommend, start here: Do you have a go-to item that you have recommended to your customers  – for example, a cat collar, dog harness, leash, or a type of food…? You get the picture. 

What’s Next?


Next is how you find these companies?

Do a keyword search on your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, etc.), and use different combinations. you can start with “affiliate programs for pet supplies” then use your creativity, along with trying the suggestions you see after beginning your research.


Starter List of Three


I’d like to get you started by sharing three programs I found while preparing to write this post.

Encouragement - You Can

[*NOTE: I’m not an affiliate for any of these sites. I encourage you to do you personal research and be sure you understand the conditions and any possible restrictions before creating an account].

Zooplus (based in the UK) – carries food and supplies

Brain Training for Dogs – dog training program

Fit Bark – GPS dog tracker

(located in the US but other affiliates are accepted from other countries)

Personal note: I am an affiliate for a few companies and I use thems. In my opinion, it’s important to know about the company and their product before you start promoting them, but if you have confidence in the item, affiliate marketing could be a simple way to add to your monthly income, especially during this season we’ve been going through and how it has affected every human being.

I hope it helps you!

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