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When I first started blogging I had no idea what to write about. Soon, you’ll see that that was only one area where I was ignorant (i.e., clueless, didn’t know). I’ve made several along the way but keep reading to see what one of my biggest blogging mistakes was and see how you can avoid doing the same thing.

My First Experience with Online Marketing

I joined several Facebook groups for the virtual assistant industry, and read many conversations about the benefits of blogging for marketing and increasing website traffic. At the time, I don’t remember hearing about mistakes to avoid, but sometimes teaching opportunities are best reinforced through making your own errors.

Blogging is a simple, low-cost option you can utilize to increase your online business visibility. 

So I decided to take the leap and write my first blog post. After brainstorming a few ideas, I came up with a topic. Then, I wrote, proofread, edited, then published my blog post.

I was so proud of myself!  

To be honest, even after learning I needed to take part in active marketing activity, I still tried to avoid putting myself in uncomfortable situations, while also hoping to build my business.  The truth is that was/is not a realistic approach or mindset – especially in an online business. It’s another one of my blatant errors in this blogging journey, but not the one we’ll focus on today.

Stumbling Through the Process

Although I got some visitors to my blog post plus a few comments, I didn’t get nearly as much traffic as I had envisioned. I was a little disappointed, but as I continued to learn I realized consistency was the key ingredient. Sitting with pen- in-hand, I wrote my second blog post. Again, I received some engagement and comments, but not nearly as many inquiries from prospective clients as I was expecting. 

Light Bulb Moment

sunrise over city buildings

This Makes Sense!

It turns out one of my biggest mistakes was the lack of consistency. As I think back to my start into blogging, I realized one of the reasons I didn’t write consistently was because I feared rejection. I silently asked my questions like, “ What if people don’t like my content, topic or style?”

NOTE: This is a completely separate issue from using the basic elements of proper grammar in my post.

I didn’t really know how the process worked. Although the content was engaging, some of the formatting and layout of my blog post wasn’t. For example, there were absolutely no images on my first two blog posts, at least. Since I wasn’t familiar with SEO principles, there also were no keywords on the back end of my blog posts. 

Those two factors alone would have made a huge difference in the volume of online traffic Google could have sent to my website and blog. Plus, I didn’t know anything about needing to market my blog post, let alone how to market it.

Being inconsistent is a common frustration small business owners share about how they market their businesses. They want to do it and they also recognize without following a schedule they are not developing the habit that’s key to having marketing success.

Learn From My Mistakes

Generic Trello Board tool for Blogging

There’s a Better Way

That’s why I created my brand new Framework for Productivity, a 90 day blog planning template. I used a Trello board and inserted the categories you need to consider (most are crucial, but a few are optional) when you are writing your blog posts. 


Framework for Productivity (90 Day Blog Planning Template) One-time fee of $97

Just imagine…no more guessing, no more procrastinating, or looking at the flashing cursor on a blank page on your computer.

You can start Today. Open the board. Follow the prompts and lists from left to right to work through the process. Remember, you do have to research on your topics, but with this Trello board you can even store the links enter your topic bucket, and it already has its own list.

Read more about it here. Send me a note with any questions at before Sunday, December 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM (EST) to take advantage of this $97 deal. 

Let’s finish 2019 and start 2020 with a Blog strategy in place.

Are you stuck on the mechanics a creating your blog post? My free blog creation guide walks you through step-by-step too. Click the link. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Sign up and download it immediately.

Let me know how either my Framework for Productivity or Blog Creation Guide are helping you!


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