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Did you know June was Adopt a Shelter Cat month here in the US?

Kitten births increase in June and many of those kittens go to shelters. The ASPCA and other pet advocate organizations run adoption events in the Spring and Summer, which help people adopt some shelter cats, but the pictures often feature more dogs than cats from the shelters going to their new homes.

The Secret Life of Pets

I recently the beginning of  “The Secret Life of Pets” movie on TV. “The Secret Life of Pets 2” is now showing in theaters. That’s probably why the TV network thought it would be a good time to show the original movie. I’ve seen the commercials about the new one, so I was too curious to turn it off.

Max is a terrier and the main character. One of his friends is a cat who’s not a shelter cat but a round furball who’s happy in his home. The cats who live in shelters would love to find a room in your home where they can be spoiled too.

I didn’t see all of the antics of the pets, but when I saw one of the scenes, Max and Duke are in a cage. They’d been picked up by animal control. Don’t ask me how. Like I said, I didn’t watch the entire movie.

Several other animals in were also in cages, including Kevin Hart’s character, Snowball. He was angry because his owner didn’t “want him”. I turned the movie off soon after he (Snowball) chewed a carrot into a key so he could unlock their cages.

Truth Spoken by Animated Character

Snowball’s comment highlights what many shelter cats (and dogs) face every day. Either their owners don’t want them or can’t take care of them. Sometimes these poor cats go through unspeakable trauma before becoming a shelter cat. So they need extra love from the start.

Local shelters play a vital role in protecting cats, dogs and other animals. June is a great time to visit and start the process for adopting a shelter cat. These adoption events are part of their ongoing effort to help cats (since that’s my focus today) find a match who will love and take care of them. Sites  like Petfinder  do their part to decrease the cat population living in shelters, while saving their lives.

All Cats Have Love to Give and Healing to Bring

Have you heard black cats are the least popular type of shelter cats to be adopted? Kindness for Cats is determined to do their part and advocate for black cats and help them find homes too. Read more about them here.

Save A Life through Adoption

In cases where shelter cats aren’t adopted, both young and older ones stay in the facility until their time is up. Then healthy cats are often euthanized. Can you find a place in your home for just one of them?


If you’ve recently lost a cat and feel ready to bring another purring furball  into your home, start by calling or visiting a local shelter this weekend.

You could even take a look at Petfinder to see which shelter cats are available in your area. Here’s the link to get you started. They even furnish a cat adoption checklist to get you ready to adopt your cat.

If you miss a local adoption event sponsored by shelter, Petsmart sponsors adoption events in their stores during the Spring and Fall.

There’s still time this weekend and this month to adopt a shelter cat. Tell me in the comments what type of cat you found. Feel free to share his/her name or even a picture.

Have a great time getting to know your new shelter cat!



Do you have any questions?  Please feel free to send me a message and I'll get back to you shortly!