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For the past two days we have been talking about why you need a free gift offer on your Facebook business page. Today we are going to wrap up that 3 day discussion. Then, I’m going to make an offer on how I can help you achieve that goal. Plus, I have a free gift for you.

Today is Day 3 of our series on why you need a free gift on your Facebook business page. As we close out the week, let’s review what we talked about in Days 1 and 2.


Review of Days 1 and 2


Let’s do a recap of some benefits you get by having a landing page. Having a website or landing page and building an email list: 

  • Gives you an online address to communicate with your clients
  • Builds client relationships and loyalty
  • Increases your SEO (search engine optimization) results

A big bonus and benefit is your website or landing page is online real estate. Now you’ll have more control over your content, Plus social media applications can’t block you from accessing your account, your clients or customers. 


Day 1 Recap


On Day one  we discussed how Facebook is a convenient option to get things up and running quickly for your business. It gives people a place to come and see more about your services, but you don’t own Facebook. This means they can shut down your page and deny you access to your business page. They can even change the rules about your page or group, if you have one, anytime they please. Also if they have technical glitches and you can’t access Facebook, your business STOPS. You can’t do business.

There are free and low-cost alternatives that help to keep your business going. Using one of those options helps you start moving your clients off Facebook or other social media platforms exclusively. Creating a landing page can be done in just a few hours. By offering a free gift or something of value to your clients/customers, you can start building your mailing list. Then you won’t be at the mercy of any social media platform.


Day 2 Recap


Yesterday was day 2 and we touched on creating that landing page and how email marketing applications power your landing page behind the scenes. The email marketing application you choose will also house your mailing list. You can have separate lists based on different topics, but those are details we can talk about in another blog post.


Creating Your Free Offer


Today we’ll talk about actually creating and presenting your offer for your free gift to your clients and customers.

Let’s Get to Work


So how do you create your freebie or free gift if you are planning to do something simple but helpful like a PDF document? there are several graphic design applications that are available and simple for non-designers to create images, PDF documents and other designs that don’t require a graphic designer. Canva  is one of the popular applications and it’s simple for the newbie to use. A few others are Visme, Venngage, PicMonkey  and more.


How I Can Help You


I have a checklist for you if you’re interested in DIY option, but if you do not have time, energy. Maybe you feel you’re not creative enough to do it on your own, I’d like to introduce a new service I am providing. It’s not on my website yet. Once it’s available officially and on my website I will be pricing this service much higher than I’m offering it today, June 26, 2020.

This Done for You freebie creation service is only available until next Tuesday, June 30th (2020).

Read the details and take advantage of the special pricing here

If you’re looking for a quick way to market your business and get a jump start on creating your free gift, grab my freebie creation service at the lowest price it will ever be offered.

Here’s my Day #3 Facebook Live video


Remember to grab your free checklist below if you want to take advantage of the DIY option.

Questions? Send me a note through my website’s contact list Here’s that link.

Have a great weekend!