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Marketing is crucial to maintain and grow your pet sitting business. Passive marketing is a simple way to accomplish the goal without ongoing effort. Do you use Facebook page for social media marketing? If you answered, “Yes” is your free offer on your Facebook page? If you don’t have one on your Facebook business page or a way to lead page visitors back to your website and free offer, this post is for you.


Using Facebook as Your Main Business Hub


Your pet sitting practice is special. You offer a needed service in a unique way and your cclients appreciate you. But do you maintain regular conversations with them? If so, how are you doing it? Are you depending on Facebook or other social media accounts to manage your communication, market your business, schedule client appointments and more?

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We’re The Little Guys

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They’re the BIG guys

Although that’s working for you right now, it could change in an instant. I’m not trying to scare you, but you do know you don’t own Facebook. Don’t you? 

Of course you do! 


Facebook Is In Charge of Your Business Page


My point is if you don’t own it, you can’t control it either, which means Facebook can freeze your account, block  access to your Facebook business page or group, if you have one, it whenever they choose.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me a little uncomfortable. Even if they don’t do that, and had technical difficulties (like they had recently) instead. If you can’t access Facebook for one or two days, would that impact your business, your communication with clients, and their ability to reach you? How about new clients? 

Facebook accounts and pages are convenient, but  depending on them alone to support your client communication and marketing is not the best marketing strategy for your business.


Website or Landing Page


If you’re wondering what your alternatives are my recommendation is for you to launch a simple website. But if the idea of building a basic simple website, even with drag and drop functionality, freaks you out too much, you can start with making a simple landing page.

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Ready for New Projects

In case you’re not sure what a landing page is, it’s the page where a visitor lands when they get to your website. When they type your website name or domain into a browser, your landing page is the first page the Internet shows to them.

Maybe I’ve lost you. Have you already started to calculate the cost in your head? You can RELAX. There are multiple email marketing applications that offer free landing pages in their membership options. Two of them are Mailerlite and MailChimp.You can have at least 1,000 people on your mailing list and email them for free. 


Offer A Free Gift to Your Visitors


Maybe you’re wondering what you can offer your clients from your website.  I’m glad you asked, because I have an answer. You probably have conversations with your clients about any number of  topics that you could share with them in writing. 

Thank you banner for free gift request

You can make a freebie or a free offer to every person who visits your website or landing page.  This is also called a lead magnet  because it leads the person to your gift.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can share a PDF document with five or ten tips about any topic that your clients would find valuable.

 A couple of ideas: a) How to handle the transition of bringing a new pet into a home where there is already at least one pet, or b) Things to look for when you’re shopping for a new cat or dog food for your. The options are only limited by your ideas and creativity.

Here’s another idea.  If you like speaking on camera you can create an informative video on any helpful topic and offer that as your freebie too. 

Hopefully this blog has your creative juices flowing. grab a pen or your phone in jot down a few thoughts. and I’ll see you tomorrow where we’ll talk about email marketing a little bit more.

Share some of your ideas in the comments. Look forward to reading them.

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