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Core Visibility Strategist for Pet Care Advocates

Blog Curation, Publishing and Proofreading for Veterinarians and Pet Sitters

You’re in the right place if: You are a pet sitter, small practice vet, etc. with a mission to improve the lives of pets and pet parents; you think you don’t have time to start a blog; or you’re completely overwhelmed by the mechanics (what to do, how to do it and where to begin). Welcome!

I relieve you of the mental weight of ongoing planning, research, proofreading, backend formatting, more research, and technical details needed to publish and maintain a regular blog presence.

As a one person business most of your energy goes to providing services so you can keep your small business growing.

If you just had somebody to walk you through the process, blogging would feel less confusing and you could experience the relief of having a blog marketing strategy in place.

Your wait is over. Share Your News is here to rescue you!

I’m Pamela, founder, your future Core Visibility Strategist and the lady who’s here to support you with my blog curation, publishing and proofreading services.

Gone are the days of committing to 3-5 hours/week (or more) to choose a topic; research the topic and gather resources; write a 300-700 word blog post; or pen the intro; and weave additional content throughout the post that’s related to the content curation link you’re sharing; edit, then proofread the post; find images; research keywords; add post tags and categories, and finally publish it.

If that list made you tired, Click Here to view my services, then schedule a short discovery call and let’s get started.

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Recipes save time and frustration with step-by-step directions. My Blog Creation Guide does the same thing. Grab your download by signing up below.



Save your time by conducting web research, keyword and market research


Review written content and take care of pesky errors


Share your blog through the publishing support

Your days are lovingly consumed by those cute dogs and cats. You can’t afford to waste precious hours exploring ways to market your business.

You need marketing that works – blogging does!  Check out our services.  

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“I was just starting out as a copywriter and combing the Internet for opportunities.

My sweet friend, Pamela, had given me tips on how to search online for jobs. I took her advice and I landed on Be Vibrant Business Services website. Fortunately, they had vacancies. I applied, mentioning that I was a copywriter and two days later, I got a reply.

The business owner asked if I had a testimonial. In my typical naive newbie fashion, I said, sorry, no testimonials, convinced that was the end of the road

She took a chance on me. …”

Ngozika Olofin

“…I wanted to give some praise and thanks. … I’ve never gotten to do anything like this. Life is so good when we get to enjoy doing something we like.

You have shown me my true passions, strengths and cheered me on. This isn’t a huge accomplishment in the big picture. But to me it is monumental.”

Rebecca England

Business Coordinator,

“I’ve known Pamela for a number of years now.  She is thorough and let me tell you, she knows her stuff!  She is my go-to for anything that needs proofreading or if I need help with grammar.”

Jen Shea

Coach & Mentor,

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